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Dec 28, 2006
Pico Rivera
I have a well system at my place in Arizona. There the water stinks and is high in iron. It causes my bath tube and toilet to have rust stains. I was thinking about switching over to a tank system where I can have cleaner water pumped in. I would like to keep the old system to hose off misc. stuff then switch over to the clean water for showers and washing dishes. Does anyone know how to set up a clean water tank system? Is there anything I should look out for before I go buy a thousand gal tank and start plumbing it to my current sysytem? How about keeping my clean water tank from growing alge or bugs?
Have you considered a filtration system for the existing well? I'm sure that there is something available.
water softner?
I would guess that treating the well is a much more practical pursuit than having a tank and having it filled. I must confess that the complicated nature of having another entire system for handling water is appealing
Much cheeper to install a filtration system for your existing well. Culligan has in home filtration on the high end or go to Home Depot and get the whole house system with three filters, one of which is charcoal to knock out the taste and smell. Put the filter system in line before your pressure tank and it will keep your entire system clean. Good luck
FWIW I had a similar issue in a farm house we had in Ohio.

Iron out is your friend.

you need to get a water softner if you dont have one. Put in some iron out salt, or even regular softner salt. Then sprinkle some iron out in between the layers of salt. like after each 40 pound bag.. This stuff works great.

My dishwasher and clothes washer had the same rust rings all inside. Sprinkled some iron out in them and ran them empty. Clean as new. works on toilets, and everything else.

The system I had, had the pump, which went into a 50 gallon pressurized tank, Then to a whole house filter, Then to the softner. Then through another whole house filter before it came inside. It seems like overkill but the filters had clear housings so you could see when it was time to change them. every 6-8 months.

Hope this helps.
2x on filtration over a cistern system. Get a water test, if you have high iron you can get an iron berm filter. I've had them clean up water that was running red before the install. If it's bacterial iron you might need to do a pellet drop system which drops a chlorine pellet down the well every few pump runs.
But without a water test you're just guessing on what to put in. Some local Board of Healths will do free water tests otherwise your looking at about $45 for a test.

Good luck
Thank you everyone for your response. I think the locals have a filter system in place but I don't think it helps much. I see them every so often running down to the local farm and pumping water from the irrigation canal into their portable tank. Then transferring it to their water system at home.
I'll ask the locals and see what works for them. Again thank you for your suggestions.

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