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Oct 16, 2005
Looking forsome advise on installing new water pump on 85 fj60. I noticed some slow leaking around the body of the pump. I plan on replacing the pump and want to know if I should replace the fan clutch at the same time. The fan does not move when pulled on or make any odd noises so I assume it is still good. My other question is where to purchase the water pump. I know OME is best but how are the pumps from coolcruises of Texas? They are less than half the price of the Toyota. Any advice on installation would be appreciated.
Order one from Dan at American Toyota. Tell him you are from Mud and you will get a discount. You can click above on the banner to find it.


Not worth getting anything besides toyota for a water pump. Just check the fan clutch and only replace it if it is bad.
removal and installation are pretty straight forward. might want to change all of the hoses that are right there since a couple of them are difficult to get to once the pump, fan, belts, etc. are back in place. good time to change the thermostat as well. you can get by without removing the fan shroud but it makes life a lot easier if you do.

the one tricky part; be sure to bleed the system of all air pockets before considering the job complete. this may take a few tries for the 60 has a lot of plumbing and therefore a lot of places for air to get stuck.

x2 on going with an OE pump.

good luck.

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