water pump w/oil cooler

Mar 16, 2003
Recently became an owner of a 2/79 FJ40, and have slowly but surely been going thru the mechanical stuff body stuff on it. (it's a winter "beater/bondo buggy") When I changed the fluids, I was surprised to see how thin the oil was. Looking a little closer I noted that the PO had installed what appears to be the wrong water pump. It has what appears to be the top outlet for the oil cooler bypass, but he has the short flex line plugged at the end which would connect to the input pipe to the oil cooler, and the outlet from the oil cooler back to the water pump is not connected, and the water pump has no input opening for the line. The temp gauge indicates just below half range when operating, (assuming it's accurate), and I certainly do get some "dieseling" upon shutdown (maybe too hot) though the cutout solenoid checks good. Question regarding replacing the water pump...leave it be or is it best to install the correct water pump and plumb as I suspect it should be? Any additional thoughts or concerns?

Last question, different topic...is it possible to pull the crankshaft pulley without pulling the radiator?

Cheers, and keep on Cruising

Mar 27, 2003
It was possible on my fj60 with 2F. Keep a board in front of it to protect the rad if you're doing the bump-the-starter trick.
Jun 13, 2003
DO you have the tubes running along the valve cover? You will need these to plumb it up. I would replace the pump witht the correct one. TPI has a good deal on WP/clutch combos.

I guess you could get the pulley out with the rad in but as easy as it is to remove the rad I just pull it. NEw wp is a good excuse

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