Water Pump or Heater Line?

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Aug 29, 2002
Port of Indecision...otherwise Northern Arizona
Ok, arrived at work this morning to find a copius amount of coolant draining from the front left (US DS) of the engine compartment. Radiator Hoses are good.

Leak seems to be coming from the general vicinity of the water pump; however the shaft seems tight, w/no up/down movement, and no "squealing" noise when running.

The coolant seems to be running down one of the metal lines on the left side (again from the US DS), soaking the PS pump.

My gut reaction is to order a new pump and line, just to be sure I've got the right part, and replace as necessary when I get in there. Anyone had the lines go out before? Any hints on which component may be leaking? :dunno:

Wouldn't ya' know it that a run is scheduled in Sedona, AZ this weekend, so I'll be putting in some overtime work on the cruiser.


(Helluva way to start a Monday...)
Since you say it's on the DS, can you tell if it's coming from around the throttle body? If memory serves me right, there's a small rubber hose that supplies coolant to this--maybe it's come loose or cut/cracked.

My bad...on mine, the thermostat is on the PS front. I'm guessing that you've already checked and ruled out the metal heater pipe and associated gasket where they meet the block.

I did have a water pump go a few thousand miles ago. It didn't spit out much coolant when sitting there, but there was no obvious sign of leaking from it either. My guess is that the water seals went in it and the coolant had leaked out via the vent hole on the pump. I don't know anything about your engine, so I don't know how similar the design is.

Good luck.

Thanks Tom,

I've already crawled underneath it and ruled out the lower rubber water hose; the intermediate metal pipe just after it looks ok (coolant coming from above it), but I can't visually check the final upper rubber hose. On the 3F it doesn't appear to have a gasket. ???

I am not sure how different the configuration is between a 62 and an 80. On the 62 there is a short rubber hose that goes between the water pump and engine block. It is hard to see and even harder to get to. I will check with Steve to see how he relaced that hose on his 62.
Thanks! Any help is appreciated. I've only got Wednesday night and Friday to get this done, so I'm trying to get parts lined up.

(This was much easier on the 350 in the 60....."Hello NAPA, I need a water pump.....twenty five bucks....cool, I'll be right down....")

-H- :beer:
And the winner is............ BMT! He wins some good quality #6s when he gets to Flagstaff next weekend!

Got in there last night and sure enough, the bypass hose had a hole in it. Although I didn't order that part :slap: I was able to find a close replacement at NAPA.

Back on the road.

(With a spare water pump for the Baja trip, BMT 8) )

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