Water pump housing leak?

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Mar 15, 2021
Richmond, VA
I have a bit of coolant collecting behind the water pump. You can see the dark spot to the right of the black water pipe in this picture. It dries up when the endings is running but returns after it sits. All the gaskets are dry so it seems like the housing itself is sweating coolant. Anyone seen this before and have any idea of what needs to be repaired or part numbers that need to be replaced?
That hard pipe above the damp spot has a smaller tube in it that is sealed with O-rings. Good chance yours are starting to fail. You need 3 new o-rings once you remove the pipe.

The P/N for the O-Rings is 90301-29006

I also see that you are missing the by-pass hose - Yours is capped off. This should run to a hardline on the cylinder head and then up to the throttle body. Not sure if you removed it deliberately. The P/N for the short hose is 99555-10200.
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