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Nov 12, 2007
Ok, so, this is the water pump that came off my '74 fj40.
water pump.JPG
and these are the TWO water pumps that i have ordered trying to get the right one. can somebody help me figure out what i need and where i can get it?!
water pumps.JPG
The one on the right looks pretty close, except maybe for the extra outlet for the oilcooler. Either order one without the oilcooler or plug that extra hole with a water temp gauge sender (what I did).
yeah, the 'body' of all three seem basically identical. the second one (the black one) i purchased is closer to the right 'height' (although still a little bit taller). but the part the fan clutch bolts to is what is different about the original one.

if it helps anyone, the original is stamped with 'NPW' and 'Japan'
and the replacements say "GMB" TO8" "07-11"
and "GMB T19"
water pump height.JPG
but the part the fan clutch bolts to is what is different about the original one.

Sure, you're going to need pull your old flange off and put it on the new waterpump...I didn't think '74s came with a fanclutch
yeah it's a 12/74. so it has some of the earlier parts and some of the later parts. it's got a 2f in it and had a fan clutch on it when i got it.... just assumed i needed to put it back. so you're saying i just have to 'pull' the flange off the original pump and toss the new one?
I think the water pump you removed is a later 2F pump. Poking around on RockAuto Auto Parts there are a couple pumps in the '77-'80 range that look like your pump. Rockauto lists it being 6 3/32" tall to the clutch mounting flange. Measure your old pump and see if it's close. I'm betting a '77-80 FJ40 pump is what you're looking for.

Were it me I would not try to swap flanges on a new pump. Too many chances to damage something in the process.


Thanks Nick,
This one does look like it could be right.
More Information for BECK/ARNLEY 1311547
Still not sure why it's on a 74.
Pretty upset with myself for blindly trusting $OR and CCOT....
Now I get to test out their return policies.... you may see a couple of water pumps in the classifies here soon.
I think in this case CCoT and SOR sold you the correct pump for a '74. Problem is your truck doesn't use a '74 water pump anymore. ;) I'd guess one of the PO's installed a later water pump to use a clutch fan instead of the original solid fan. Or a later 2F was installed after failure of the original motor. You might check the casting numbers and date codes of the block and head to see what year motor you're really dealing with. There's a sticky at the top of the page dealing with how to do that.


Just look at the engine number to see if it's an F or 2F. 12/'74 should be the last of the Late F /1.5F engines...and it's easy to mistake a late F for a 2F.
And yes, I usually just pull that flange off and press it onto a new waterpump.
i remember going through this a few years back. my issue seemed to be height problems. finally got the correct pump through jt outfitters/ebay.
I found that no one really has the water pumps list right. They should state if they are with or without water pump, fan clutch, and oil cooler. So you’ll have to try and match up what they do have listed and compare the pictures with what you have and hopefully you’ll get the right one. Napa worked out for me.
Napa sells the later water pump with oil cooler AND clutch fan included for the same price as a pump alone - they have to order it, though
Can anyone confirm that the Beck/Arnley #1311547 is the stubby 4 3/4ish" height to fan mount non oil cooler w/ fan clutch,water pump.This will be my 3rd try as well.:bang:1977 Fj40.Thanks
i just ordered the one from the link above. but it's not here yet so i can't confirm. this is after o'reilly ordered one for me yesterday (it didn't fit). so technically this will be my FOURTH try.:bang:
luckily i didn't have to pay for that one. the previous two were shipped back today so, minus the $30 dollars shipping and 20% restocking fee, this has been quite the pricey excercise.
i guess i've learned to pay a LITTLE better attention to my vehicle before blindly trusting the catalogs. here's hoping you have better luck :beer:
I could go buy 10 of the taller pumps and have them today,but of course I have the odd ball that is more expensive.Well I guess I'll roll the dice as well and order it.I wish you luck brother.Thanks:)

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