Water on the floor??

May 15, 2003
I saw a post in 80/100s about leaks and wondered if anybody had the same thing in their truck?

My 90 extra cab had a constant wet pass rear floor. Could never find the leak. Figured it was the rear window.

Now, my 2000 Taco has the same frickin leak. Cept it's on the pass front. Pick up the mat after it rains and the floors soaked. Startin to smell like a wet dog!!

I heard it could be from the fresh air vent being open when it rains?? Could that do it, or should I check something else?

It's goin into the dealer next month for some other stuff, don't know how much they'll bone me to find the leak.
Jan 4, 2004
There is a TSB toyota put out about this water leak...go to your dealer and ask for a print out of TSB BO02-00 if you want to do it yourself, since it is only covered for 3 years or 36k miles. The TSB will have you remove your wiper blades and cowl cover to try and seal up what they could not at the factory.

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