Water leaking from drivers side undercarriage?

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Mar 12, 2017
Redondo Beach, CA
Has anyone seen/experienced this?

My LC is parked outside and sat in a pretty good rainstorm (1”, a lot for LA) a couple weeks back. I drove it yesterday for the first time after the rain, and when I returned, I backed it down my driveway (front angled up…normally it’s parked w the front slightly tilted down). When I got out, I saw a good amount of water trickling out from somewhere under the running board on the Driver side (see picture).

Mind you, I had driven about 10 miles and parked on a hilly street and didn’t see any water coming out. It only came out when I started backing down my driveway and it kept coming out after I parked. I’m guess a good quart of water came out?

This morning when I had time to get under the area and take a look, it was bone dry and I didn’t see any obvious places where water might have been collecting or leaking…

This happened once before and I did notice a ‘sloshing’ sound while I was driving prior to seeing the water come out.

Any ideas? I definitely want to take care of this before more rain comes. I don’t need my baby rusting away!

Many thanks!

There are drain holes there, water coming in from the sunroof ends up draining there. The holes are purpose made in the seams, most clean them out with a zip tie, personally I prefer to remove the plugs in the rocker panels and leave them out, this not only stops owners worrying about keeping the drains getting clogged up, but also ensures the insides keep dry as there will be air circulation.


I knew there'd be a post somewhere here! I searched 'water leaking' and got nothing. This group is the BEST! I hope everyone had a Great Thanksgiving - I am grateful for everyone here and their willingness to share and help the less mechanically inclined like me.


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