water invasion

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Mar 28, 2003
Marquette, MI; Jackson, WY
I've come to realize this week that somewhere in my truck, I think its my driverside back door, I have a large amount of water. When I start and stop I can here it sloshing around. It sounds like a significant amount. I remember seeing a thread on something like this awhile back, but am unable to find it. It could also be in my driverside rear quarter panel. What's the best way to get it out once I figure out, where it actually is?
under the rear quarters should be some rubber plugs...

crawl under and pull em....enjoy the shower! :D
You should probably check all the plugs for s#!ts and giggles. I saw the pics (nice job by the way) of the mud you got stuck in last weekend and that will definatly plug up the holes. After I had my fun over laborday weekend I had a lake swooshing around in my rocker pannels.

Just for thought,


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