water in the back of the car

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Nov 9, 2004
Kent England
Has anyone had any problems with rain water in the rear boot/trunk, I tend to get rain water at both sides of the rear at either side of car, its right near the rear hatch, I just can't see where it comes in
Good God that dog has a bigger head than you! Even with the beard. Be a bit more specific about year and model and I'm sure someone will help.
If its right near the rear hatch, I don't think that link provided applies in this case. I've actually been sort of tracking down a leak that is only around the hatch area. I've come to the conclusion its either the moisture seal that circles the entire rear openings (but only leaks past this seal from the top) OR the black gasket around the rear hatch window is leaking. Is the carpet on your tailgate wet too?
If its the window leaking, I'm going to do the same as I did on the windshield and use black silicon between the gasket and the glass. That is when things warm up and dry out a little more.

The glass/hatch leak has been discussed before and more on it can be found by searching.
Hope that helps some.
Most are having this prob right now. Our truck is real bad. wet upfront to I think it is the front window is not sealed right.

The back rear sliders have trim that is installed with clips and the clips have are had washers that are worn out or gone. You can pop off the bottom outside trim to have a look but this can brake the trim or clips for the trim and the trim cost about $30 . Our you can get to it from the inside dry and silicon around the clips. Take out the jack on the drivers side and the other side you must remove the trim panel.

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