water drained yet water in diesel light on

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Dec 14, 2005
Drained perhaps 2 cups of diesel and it looks clear now with some water on bottom of cup. Purged the filter of possibly any water. Still get the water seperator light and want to know how sensitive these water in diesel sensors are for the bj60? Should I just fill up to top of tank and toss a can of dryer in tank?
Give the separator a few taps and see if the float comes back down. It might be stuck. Remember the light comes on when you turn the key and it should go out after starting.
Drained the water seperator again and taped the side of the seperator with a small hammer in several places. Light still on. Do these things come apart? I do want to get this taken care of. Whats next ? removal of the seperator?
You can unscrew the float switch ( pair of slip jaw pipe pliers is handy) from the sedimenter's metal cannister and then check the switch for continuity by moving the float up and down. The float could be stuck in the up position.

If the light remains on then either the float is up and staying up for some reason, or there is an electrical fault in the wiring so that the power wire going to the float switch is connected to ground. Try unplugging the float switch from the harness to see if the light goes out; if it's still on then the fault is further back in the harness, and if it goes out then you know the fault lies in the float switch or wiring leading from the connector to the switch body.
mine came on a couple off years ago,i drained a small amount of water[not much,prob. 50ml ]
hm!!! light was still on,,, must be a jamed float??????
the light has been on ever since so i drain the trap every 6 months or so but rearly get any water coming out
idont worry about it anymore, i should turn it into a map light

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