Water crossings

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Apr 24, 2003
another thing i noticed on my trip away, having only owned diesels up untill this Fj40, is that the dizzy on a 2f is so low, and a real bastard when it gets wet in water crossings about step deep. any way to move it up in the engine bay, or any way to water proof the bugger?
silicone the cap before you install, perhaps even add a tiny pressureized vacuum port to it, and dielectric grease on all the connectors, wire, plugs etc. Wasn't there a stock rubber boot available for the dizzy for 79+ish cruisers??
there was a rubber boot on mine...but who needs it when it is sealed and vented!
perhaps even add a tiny pressureized vacuum port to it...

how would this be achieved
I've heard of it being done, never tried it myself. You put a small hole in the cap and silicone a vacuum tube on there...then locate a vacuum line on the engine that provides a low, steady pressure....and hook them up. Most likely have to be an exhaust-type port. (vacuum is the wrong word, really) The low pressure helps to pressureize the cap and keep water out.

All I've ever done is silicone and dielectric...never a problem.
thanks guys, i gotta try those tricks, never thought of silicone the dizzy, the coil should be fine for now, it's been relocated to above the air intake, so if that gets wet i got more than one problem, untill i get round to making a snorkle.

this is the most helpfull site ever

i do numerous water crossings, and mud boggin in my 77 fj40. most the time i'm submerged up to lower to mid windshield hight. i've never had a problem with my dizzy or any other components after the dunking.. as most have already said silicon and dielectric grease are the key..
77 fj40

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