WAT for my Inner TRE

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Mar 27, 2007
New Braunfels!
Well this past Saturday, I bought some new Inner Tie Rod Ends for my YOTA.
I need to host a WAT, but the catch is that I can not have it at my home, since I am trying to sell it.
Basically, I do not want to have grease and a bunch of stuff laying around, when someone is review the house.

So, I have two request...time and a place.
I will provide money for the food part.
If we can get one going im in, need help with my brakes.
Right now, Kevin (TTORA) and I are trying to set it up at his grandpa's shop out in Kerrville.
It is still up in the air. So if we can get something more set in stone somewhere else.
That will be cool too, may be make it a theme cook out.

I am not free on April 19 or May 17, I have my car club events those days.
Sorry I'll be in Dallas for a few weeks. Inner tie rod ends? Don't you mean outter ends?

BTW, I passed you the other way driving FM 3009 not a rocks throw from my house today.

Nope - other terminology: the thingly between the Tie Rod End and the Steering Rack...see pic below. ;p

FM3009? Today, I was heading out to New Braunfels to meet with the builder. Sorry to not have noticed you Ben.
When I drive, I only pay attention what is going on around me and not who is driving by me. Even Cindy trys not to talk to me much when I drive.

Anyways have fun in the Big-D.

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