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Dec 13, 2002
i just moved to the seattle area,from colorado and im looking for places to go wheelin.
i can see that theres woods everywhere,but i dont exactly know where the trails are.
plus i sold the cruiser to move so, any easy trail is what im looking for,at least until i get another cruiser.i do have access to a 4x4 now but its in stock form.

Welcome to WA. There is a pretty large "not club" club - The Seattle Cruiserheads, that meets at Zeek's Pizza in Greenlake. If you send me an e-mail direct I'll get you more detailed contact info.

Also, WA Timber Toys are out of Woodinville (although I heard a rumor they recently moved to Bellevue), and Rain Country Land Cruisers are out of Sedro-Woolley (1.5 hrs N of Seattle). You can get more info for both of these from TLCA (www.tlca.org).
i will def get a hold of ya when i get a better rig shouldnt be too long.im in kirkland so woodinville and bellvue are right there.well at least im close to some cruiserheads.
There is a place called evens creek outside of buckly. It is full of trails from hard to logging roads, it also has some amazing views of Mt. Rainier. I know of a few more areas for when you get another cruiser :D

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