was this a deal or a steal?

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Amen Brother! One could not buy the aftermarket add-ons for that!
That guy posts here, I remember he recently built that rear bumper.
Steal, unless the undercarriage is crazy rotted. Quarter panels and the front fenders (as well as the rockers) are easily repaired.
What kind of steering wheel is that ?
Cash for Clunkers

I'm sure this topic has been hit on before...

Cash for Clunkers was the best thing that ever happened to me. The local junk yards were full of old, stock fj60s and fj62s for a while in the Denver area. I was able to scavenge tons of parts for near nothing.

That being said, Cash for Clunker vehicles were all scrapped. Crushed and recycled after a few months of sitting in a junk yard. And all the 2F and 3F engines were filled with sand and run until they seized. Gentlemen, we lost a lot of good, solid FJs in the Cash for Clunkers deal. I think a few of them found there way to those high priced Yoda yards where they will continue to cough up parts and panels but for the most part there are a lot less FJ 60s and 62s than there were in 2008/2009.

Anytime you can find an FJ for around $5k that has a good interior and not a lot of rust with some good upgrades, take it. The good old days of stumbling across an FJ 60 in some old ladies garage for $2000 are quickly coming to an end.

==Rusty poors a little Fat Tire on the ground for his dead homies==
Does anyone know where to find those fender flares? I've got my rust under control but need something to cover up my dings and dents.


I found a few options at SOR/MAF/JT...not sure which ones this guy had...they look bigger?
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