warning lights after a hot coolant spray

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Feb 7, 2008
Buffalo, NY
so i am an idiot and was having a rough day (too many drinks last night)
and I took my radiator cap off without letting the truck (87 canadian spec HJ60) cool down and a rush of really really hot coolant covered the entire engine bay.
so I let it cool down and refilled the radiator and started her up again.
everything was fine but my filter light, battery light and "!" light were on and stayed on?

what did I do?
moisture affected a connection ?Or did you accidentally disconnect a wire cleaning up the engine or reaching toward oil pressure sending unit
I don't think I touched any wiring while cleaning up, what connection would make all three lights come on?
Is there anything (ECU) that I can reset by disconnecting the batteries and reattaching them?
can anyone help? all the lights are still on and the engine bay is now dry.
how can I reset these circuits?
Thanks Joe
I guess I just needed to be patient and let it dry out a little more
I disconnected the batteries and left the hood up all night and in the morning
no warning lights and she started right up!

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