Warning buzzer when engaging the locker (1 Viewer)

Aug 27, 2018
Anyone knows how to wire to enable the warning buzzer, when locker is engaged?

The idea is to prevent the locker from being engaged accidentally by wife, kids, curious Toyota technician, etc...
It did happen and I found it in a hard way after picking up the car from the dealer... Luckily only drove a couple hundred feet when realized the engine RPM is pretty HIGH. Turned out the tx case in in L and CDL engaged :mad:

So the signal can be got from the central locker switch and/or indicator. However, has no idea how to pass it to the buzzer.
I can imagine the buzzer might be controlled by the ECU, and it may be too complicated to do it. If that's the case, which after-market buzzer can we use? Tried searching a little bit, and can only find some really loud continuous buzzer like this one, Amazon product

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