Warn MX8085 DI(?) Winch on ‘82 40

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Jun 10, 2020
Does anyone know much about these older Warn MX8085’s ? The winch has been on the truck for as far back as I’ve been able to research the truck (2PO’s). I like the winch, it works, is strong enough, and is simple to operate.
But I find very little info about them. I came accross a Field and Stream ad for the mx8085 from 1984 and the occasional random thread post about someone finding one and then doing what I’m doing, but not getting any info ;).
Anyway, seems a really good little winch and has been with my truck a long time and I’ll keep it that way. Just curious why I never hear about them. Likely because was at end of Fj40 run and 8274’s are more in keeping with the vintage?



These MX winches appear to be the predecessor to the M series. (during warn in milwaukee Oregon era)
This mx8085 is built on a "big body" frame (like an m12/m16) but rated at 8k, likely because of the planetary gearing ratio.
From what I have seen some parts interchange. But not all.

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