Warn hubs  removing - Rear diff.  - Front Diff

Feb 24, 2003
Hopefully this is an easy questionj, how do I get the Warn hubs off?

Second, I removed my rear axle and while it was siting on the floor with the output plate; ( where the drive shaft bolts) I noticed that oil was leaking down the output shaft onto the floor. Anything here I need to fix?

Lastly: I removed the front dif and it was really, really greasy and black. Is this from the engine and road stuff or do you think I need to look into this further.

Frame off to sandblaster, POR-15 next week end.

Any help would be appreciated

Dec 2, 2002
Helena MT
On the front diff, you might have had knuckle grease mixing in with the gear oil, bad seal or bushing, depending on what year. being as you have it apart, I'd presume you will be putting it back together with new seals


Apr 13, 2003
Ridgway, CO
When I had to remove my Warn hubs from both of my FJ40s, I removed the six (I think)allen head bolts from the outer portion of the hub. My cruiser had a bolt with a washer(I think the washer is part of the warn kit) threaded into the end of the outer axle shaft that kept me from removing the aluminum hub body. After removing the previously mentioned bolt and washer I then removed the six bolts that secure the hub body and that was it. I think some cruisers will have a snap ring on the end of the outer shaft instead of the bolt and washer, check with your owners manual. The warn hub rebuild kit makes installation really easy, it's available at any NAPA, Autozone etc.
As for the rear third member, replace the pinion seal. Good luck with the blasting and POR-15ing, I did my entire under carraige with the stuff and haven't had any problems yet, use a lot of the metal ready it can make or break the final results. Also for some added security just before applying the POR-15, us a lint free rag, soaked in alchohol and dab it all over the frame, this, according to the tip sheet supplied with the POR-15 will suck out any remaining moisture in the frame. It sounded weird, but has worked really well for me. Hope you can get something out of this.

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