Warn HS9500

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Jun 17, 2004
Does anyone have one in their ARB bumper?

I have a HS9500 (up at the shop) and haven't been able to even look to see if it will work.

Going up this weekend to pick it up if it fits. If it doesn't, what models fit? I hate to give it up for something of lesser quality.
Anyone know or have a winch in their ARB bumper? :D
I have a HS9500i that I think the only difference is that it has an integrated control pack. I had to space the winch back 1 inch so the winch motor would clear the bumper.
Would you happen to have a picture of how it's mounted?
are they still selling this HS9500? Or is this some specialty winch?
Apparently I did not make myself clear enough.

I own this already. It is sitting at my shop.

Besides, I do think the HS9500 is one of the best low profiles out there in terms of speed and pulling power.
Well, the good people at ARB were able to help me out. :cool:

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