Warn dual-solenoid wiring

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Feb 9, 2005
Lotta searching, lotta good reading, no answer:

On my old Warn Belleview winch (power IN, no power out), how would I wire (2) solenoids in-line to use this thing? Several Gurus have told me that in the absence of the original under-hood blade-type switch, you can use a PAIR of solenoids; fail-safe if one welds itself closed in operation.

I understand how solenoids work, just need a quick how-to to wire 2 together. Pics would be great.
well if you want to use them as a fail safe, you need to wire them in series with regards to the load side of the solenoid(large studs for ~2 gauge wire). for the trigger wires, they will be wired in parallel,

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