For Sale Warn 8274 for sale in Vero Beach, Florida

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Sep 8, 2008
High and dry in the desert, dancing between hemisp
United States
Hi guys,

I have a Warn 8274 for sale. Includes cable. Does not include hook, fairlead or controller. Previous owner told me it was bought new in 1982. It was manufactured on 1 June, 1981.

I'll post better pics of the winch tomorrow with serial number. This is a desert winch and has only been in Florida for a short time so has no rust. Works very well, pulls strong, no scary noises.

Free pickup in Vero Beach. $650 cash or check, $685 PayPal. I'll deliver to Orlando or I'll pack it for shipment but buyer pays shipping.

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Other side

A few more pics.





Oh no!!! It’s on a Jeep!!! Josh, what happened to you!!😬
Shhhhhh. (Save the winch from a Jeep.) Sadly, Land Cruisers are no longer within my budget for a fun car. I'd been looking for another Cruiser for about a year, but what's out there is pretty shocking. 35 years of Cruiser ownership has ended.

I've always had a warm spot for Scramblers and i found this totally rust free one on an overnight and jumped on it. It cost less than a rot box 40 would these days. My son and I are in the process of building it to the quality of a Cruiser: brand new 4" wider Dana 60 axles with E lockers and 4 wheel disc brake, V8, 5 speed, Dana 4:1 transfer case... still a Jeep, but as similar to a Cruiser as i can make it.
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My uncle had an 86 scrambler, remember wanting it bad when I was 15! It does come close to a 45 ish look with the half cab! Sounds like a fun build, agree with the crazy cruiser market, sad but it’s happened across the collecter market. I’m going to be buried in my Troopy!
A pic... not sure i can post it here.... let's say it's related to where the winch came from.

Applaud your priorities, Josh. Family first, toys as there's funds. Life's full of turns and twists. You may very well be back in the Toyota saddle before you know it. True friends don't care what you drive !
Winch SOLD. Thank you guys. Mud really is fantastic.

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