Warm engine equals high idle until I tap the gas

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May 31, 2011
Darwin, Australia
Hi All,
My FJ40 idles nice and low until I drive even as little as a mile, then she idles very high. However, when I give the accellerator a tap, she drops back down to low idle. Any ideas what might be causing this? :idea:
Thanks, Scott.
Thanks Cliff! I'll check the linkages (if I can find them) this afternoon when I get home. I was aiming for a carby rebuild but after a long search for "sticky linkages" I have a bit nore to go on. It seems that a rebuild may not be the solution.
An update. I have not played with the carby at all, but I replaced the positive crank ventilation (PCV) valve, which was rattling like made, and the high idle problem has magically disappeared! Lovely.

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