wanted where to buy mini spool for fj80 rear

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Mar 11, 2008
san antonio, texas
well dug into my axle today and found a bunch of broken welds in the spider gears. so im gonna get a mini spool. who sells what
or should i just get a full spool
englighten me
no spool like spool. not an actual locking/unlocking diff like a loc-rite or a detroit. but a real spool. i haven't found one yet but heard iron pig makes something so i'll call them tomorrow
i deceided im gonna just weld it. im low on cash and have other stuff i need to spend it on. im gonna re-weld it properly with a big 250 lincoln mig if that doesn't hold i'll shuck out for a real locker or a new carrier and mini spool
my question would be .. a re you really sure you wanna run a spool ?

Yes sir I am. It's going in the rear of my buggy. When I wheeled my jeep I always ran the rear locker engaged the whole time. Since this will be a trail only rig I see no adverse effects. Sure I could run an arb to help with turning, but for the price I can run a driveline disconnect and cutting brakes and turn even easier.

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