Wanted Wanted: torn or ripped tan FZJ80 front seat leather (1 Viewer)

May 31, 2010
This is kind of a strange request but i figure it cant hurt to ask. My 80s front driver seat is about 99% duct take with clapped out foam. That being said it is reasonable comfy and looks OK with Tough Duck covers on it. But if someone is redoing their tan leather seats and throwing out any cover i figure they have to be better than what i have. Even if they are ripped and need a few strips of duct tape the will be better than what i have. Just let me know whay you have in my trash pile.

PS i am doing fine with what i have. The seat covers work great and i will keep using them. But at some point i need to put something better under the covers. If it matters i have manual seats. I dont know if the electric are cut any different.

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