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No, the 3FE has an in tank pump.
ok we brought one that is dedicated lpg and removed the lpg,we got a petrol carb and a tank out of a diesel and just assumed it would be a manual fuel pump like fj 40 and they had covered off that area because the dedicated lpg so dont these have manual fuel pumps,do i have to get a petrol tank with the pump inside or a external fuel pump? thanks.
OK, I answered as if if were a 3FE the fuel injected version. What year is it? I looked at the fische and the 2F 1987 and a 1990 3F Carb have different part no. for the fuel pump. The 1990 is 23100-61101 and the 87 is 23100-61070. They might be interchangeable between the 2F and 3F. However, looking at the photos the 1F fuel pump looks a lot different and it has a part no. of 23100-60061. Sorry for the confusion.
its a 1986, thanks so much for helping out i dont no anything about fj70s its my first one ive only ever had forty series.still got my trusty 40 in the shed tho
Does anybody no if there is a five speed gear box that would go behind a fj40 f motor or would 60 series diffs help get more speed and stop it reving so high on the highway.Thanks
60 series diffs would lower your RPMs. You could put a h55f 5 speed behind the F I think if you used a 2F bellhousing.

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