Wanted- Hilux double cab- LHD- no drivetrain.

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Wanted- Hilux or Tacoma double cab- LHD- no drivetrain.

So- I'm dreaming about building a Hilux double cab- left hand drive. I'd like to get one with no engine, transmission or transfer case. Maybe even no axles.

Eventually I'd put in a GM LS1 engine, 6 speed stick, and figure out some way to do an Atlas. I know bwjowett is doing a 3FE, Tacoma 6 speed and Atlas- but I'd want the T-56 6 speed from a Camaro or C5 Vette. I know there is no adapter for a transfer case from this transmission- it might end up being a divorced t-case.

Anyway- post up what you've got.


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The other thing I'd think about is a Tacoma double cab with serious mechanical failures. Something that has so much wrong with the drivetrain that it is nearly totalled.

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