Wanted! FJ55 to buy or will trade 77 FJ40

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United States
I am looking for a FJ-55 in good running condition. My price range is between $2000-$5500 or I will be willing to trade my 77 green FJ-40 that is in good condition. If interested in trade i can send pics. Please email me at svhms@swbell.net or call me at 314-303-7100. I am located in St louis mo but am willing to drive anywhere. Thanks alot

Mark k

I have a 73 FJ-55 with a 76 2F and 4spd. Runs like a champ (last cranked it up in Nov though). It needs a new brake mastercyl. I paid $2500 for it, would like to get that back. It has some rust (gee, what 55 doesn't) and could us some new front fenders. Its parked on my trailer at a friend's lot. Hit me with an email if interested!


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