Wanted Wanted FJ40 turn signals, taillights (1 Viewer)

Feb 27, 2002
I have had all this stuff, some recently, so naturally when I decided I was "done with restoration", I sold it all. here's ya'll's chance to get back at me! Need a decent pair of post '78 taillights (lenses optional), and a driver's side front turn signal (or pair) . I also need the rear side marker lenses, I have quite a few actual lights with no lenses I can trade, or just give you a pair. Also need one 60 or late 40 wheel (60 style, painted) for a spare. I have several boxes of small parts to trade or barter, or just plain cash.
Dec 2, 2002
Helena MT
How many wires for the front turn signals? I assume the big ones. I've got one from a 77 with 2 wires and one from an 82 with 3 wires

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