Wanted WANTED: FJ40 FRAME (Wisconsin)

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Feb 15, 2006
United States

I'm looking for a solid straight frame from an early to 78 FJ40. (My current frame is swiss cheese! rear spring hangers literally hanging free...). Would like to find something in Wisconsin or Minnesota. (live in NorthWestern WI) Don't care how much FJ carcass is attached.

Thanks guys, a lot of great info here...
Green Bay would be no problem. Is there any serious rust and what would you like for it? Feel free to PM me. Thanks!
I have a very nice condition early wiper on top, all original frame. Original paint wipers and motor. I don't know if the wipers work or not. Minor surface oxidation. I will not ship it with the glass as no one around here will do it for a reasonable price. It will need new bottom hinges. One of them is a little crappy.
375 bucks shipped. Someone here is looking for a wiper unit, you could sell them this one and pay for some of the cost.

It's a nice unit you won't regret the purchase.
F-junker, Was actually looking for a frame (chassis not windshield). Looks like Rooster has a good one for me but thanks for the reply...
duh... I've got windshield frame on the brain. I guess looking at that thing in my living room has effected me. Good luck
Randy, Thanks for the frame and parts. Should work great. I'll post a picture when it's done.

Great forum! ;)


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