Wanted: FJ 60 or 62 in PA

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United States
Looking to buy an FJ 60 or 62 in PA (would prefer a 62). Must have a solid frame. Some other rust, dents acceptable. Should be in good running condition, though I will accept a project vehicle for the right price. Would like to be at $2,500 and below.

Please send a PM if you've got anything, or know about anything. Thanks!
re 62 yes we have a project fj62

it has bad motor but fresh trans call john 215 760 3644
i think he want about 600 maybe 700 motor runs just has knock give him a call
Well, one deal feel through due to a massive mice infestation in the dash which subsequently led to the destruction of all the wiring.... :( Sucks for both of us!

Anyway, still looking for other prospects. Thanks!

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