Wanted Wanted: AZ - 93-97 FJ80, preferably w/ lockers

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United States
Hey everyone, I live in Arizona and am having a hard time finding a decent condition 80 within a reasonable distance and price. It doesn't have to be perfect, mainly because I need a trail rig / winter truck, but the majority of the ones I've looked at either need an immediate engine rebuild, are rusted, or are nearly new car prices.

Budget would preferably be <$10K, but for the right rig I'd spend a bit more. Let me know if you know of any please!
Hey everyone, thanks for being so kind as to get a hold of me regarding your FJ80's! I recently purchased one from a user on here and am very satisfied! I'm sure you'll all see more of me on here now that I have one and am no where near finished working on it. Thanks again for all the professionalism and help.

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