Wanted: 77-83 FJ40

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Jun 17, 2013
Let me apologize up front if this is not the place for this type of request. However, I figured you all might know someone in the lone star state who is looking to sell their 40 that maybe has not advertised it for sale.

I am looking for a daily driver/mild trail rig that the family and I could enjoy. Stock or lifted is fine with me. NOT looking for a project or a beauty queen. Prefer a turn key transaction. Prefer 1977-1983 40s with original drivetrains but I am open to others years as long as they have been cared for and have some of my preferences below especially 2F and 4 speed.

My biggest priority is that the 40 be mechanically sound. Little surface rust is ok but rust rot is most likely a deal breaker the higher into my budget we go. Depending on the location I am willing to travel a bit if you are (located in north Texas).

Price wise I have seen some nice rigs in the 10-14K range so that is my budget. Must be willing to send plenty of pics and answer questions.

Here is what I am looking for...

Engine: 2F (not overly interested in a V8 swap)
Original steel body
Transmission: 4 speed
Color: prefer Beige or Blue but open to others (prefer original paint rather than respray)
Wheels: prefer OEM steelies
Suspension: stock or lifted (no SOA)
Disc brakes, power steering, and AC are pluses
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Sounds a lot like mine, but it's not for sale. :(

I found mine in good nearly stock condition, no rust, on Craigslist but I waited nearly two years for one that had no rust. Looked at a lot of less-desirable ones in that time, but I'm glad I waited for a good one. Patience is your friend. IMO, your budget might be a little light for what you're wanting, but good hunting and if I hear of anything I will post up or contact you.
Thanks 1911. That is what I appreciate about the cruiser community. You guys are always willing to help. Thanks for the feedback about the budget as well. I am game for a stock to slightly modified rig. I realize that if everything on that list were to come to fruition that it would cost me. Seen a lot of nice 40s in the 11-15k range. The nicer they get the more I would be afraid to drive it on the trail. I could stretch a little if needed but don't want to stretch too much. Thanks for the reply and feedback. If you guys know of anything let me know

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