Wanted Wanted: 2F parts

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Feb 19, 2002
Washington, DC
United States
Wanted: F/2F parts

I need a few things to finish up the parts hunting for the next 2F I am building...

FJ60 lower radiator pipe. the one that goes between the radiator and the water pump on an A/C equipped fj60.

2F water pump pulley for 2F without fan clutch(75-78 FJ40/55 would be good donor).

Alternator pulley from F/2F engine. just needs to be wide groove like any cruiser would be.

cable gas pedal assembly for an FJ40(68-73)

FJ40 heater pipe that mounts to the lifter/pushrod cover above the distributor(should be about 12" long)

F engine valve cover nuts-the 4 acorn style ones

If you've got some of the list above, please let me know via PM or email.

brettgarland (a) yahoo.com

EDIT: new stuff added
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I could have sent you a FREE alt arm with the box I just sent Dominic. Oh well.

Arm is free nonetheless. Hit me up next week when I get back from DV and we'll work out the details.

I have the other parts as well, if you dont work out another source.

Mark A.
i may have that oil filter mount... got an exact pic? SOR catalog, etc...

number 3 in this picture.

It should have a 1/8" bspt threaded hole or possibly may still have a oil pressure sender attached...
If Malph's doesn't work I have one. It does NOT have the sensor still attached.

i'm goin to pass if you have one on hand... that part, if i have it, is at the way back, way bottom of the boxes of parts i've got, ha ha.

I have

I have water pump pulley, fj40 heater pipe. I will take pics tonight.

Brett, I've got a 60 lower pipe,water pump pulley, alt pulley, is the heater pipe the same 40's and 60's, I've got some of them also.

there are a few versions of the heater pipe. some brass, some steel, some long(double "L" bend to lower rad hose fitting)

Ideally I would like to find the short brass one. these seem to be early 2F vintage.

Here is a pic of what I need on the other 2F I am working on right now.
Brett, I've got one of those off a 79 block, it's metal tho, not brass. Paul

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