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I have struck out badly on this search, these things sell faster than I can respond to the Craigslist and Facebook ads, maybe I need to expand my net differently. National searches seem to produce alot of overpriced rust buckets, who in their right mind can even sell some of these trucks with the frame rot they have in good conscience.

So, if you have one you are considering selling, that has a solid frame, less than a million miles, good maintenance, or is going to need some things, and you are looking to trade up before those costs hit, I get it, I would be interested (with a price discount.)

I'm looking for a good driver, stock, 4wd a must. I'm partial to the gray cloth interior, and the red, dark gray, silver or blue exterior. No black, white, green or gold, not too crazy about the leather interior either. Would be towing a 20ft camper with it, set up for towing a bonus. My kids have just gotten too big to fit in the back of my T100, and the FZJ80 is lacking at times with the camper in tow.

I'm leaning towards the newer trucks for the extra power and the 5speed auto. I would consider an 04 or any year for that matter if it had a grenaded tranny, I've been interested in converting one of these over to manual, I think I have a formula figured out, so if you need to unload one in that condition let me know, (again a discount would make it more viable.)

I've got a great T100 now, could be part of a trade if your looking for something like that, mixed feelings about parting with it. I have a very stock FJ60 that is prime for a restore too that could be a trade, again hate to loose it, but it is just sitting right now.

Either way, PM me if you have something. I'm in NW Colorado, trying to find something close, but if you can guarantee a good truck I could travel and pick it up. Hoping to spend around sub 12K, but would go up for the right vehicle, prices seem to be all over on these things.
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Dec 29, 2005
Craig, CO
Well, paid way more than I wanted, but found a beautifully pristine truck, flew in and drove it home over the Memorial day weekend. This truck appears to have never left the pavement, at least on a muddy day, nearly spotless underneath, can't believe it.



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