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Jan 2, 2008
Lubbock, Tx
I have a used in ok shape Kayline soft top (black)w/ 2 piece soft top doors ,as well as a bikini top. also a cheapy tailgate from Cool Cruisers . also a brand new never fully installed Nolstagic Air A/C - Heater w/ defrost vents that is made for the Fj40 but was going to put in my FJ55 but I sold it so now am looking to sell / trade for some parts.
I am lookin for a set of 4 if not 5 16x8ish steel wheels. With the correct or close to 3.5 back spacing. I need some other stuff for my Fj60 so this is kind of a feeler to see if anyone is enterested.
I will get some photos of everthing so I can post them.
If there are no bits here I will put all the before mentioned in the for sale area.

and when I said trade I dont mean all of that stuff for just a set of steelies. I am just lookin to sell of all of that stuff or maybe trade some of it.
Here is a link to the a/c - heater unit + mine has the defrost upgrade.Toyota Fj-40
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