want to see soft top pics

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Jan 30, 2003
Just want some of you guys to post some pics of your rigs with the various soft tops. If possible can you list which top you have if it's bestop, kayline, factory etc. I'd like to see some running the soft doors with these tops as well. Comments are appreciated under you post, things you like about your top, things that suck about it etc. Thanks.
Hi, I have a Bestop on mine. I am using soft doors also. It works ok, but I haven't compared it to anything else. It is bit drafty especially driving on the highway. The po set the drivers window on something and the window is hard to see through. But that is the only problem that I have had with it. Also, I haven't had this very long.


Hope this helps,
Here ya go. It is an OEM Toyota top with '71 soft doors with a Kayline replacement fabric.


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