Want to raise Baja Rack by ~1", what material and where to get?

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Jun 25, 2013
Gilbert, AZ.
Another high-tech post.......I'm looking to get about an extra 1" of clearance between the bottom of my rack and the roof of the truck. Any suggestions as to where to get some ~1" blocks of <material X> to accomplish this? These blocks would sit between the tops of the rack mounts and the rack itself. Material would obviously need to stand up to the elements....would prefer to go with something other than steel to avoid another potential rust item.

I can't CNC or spend an eternity custom fab'ing something - ideas?

Ultimately, the extra clearance will allow me to slide this table into its new resting spot under the rack. That'll be where she'll slide in/out during transport for road/camping trips.

Aluminum spacer, I would be concerned anything else would break down in the summer.

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