Want to look at a FJ60 for me?

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Dec 20, 2006
Piedmont, SC
Hey all,

My name is David Carpenter and I am a member of Upstate Cruisers. I have been looking for a FJ60 for a while now, and I have found one in Norfolk on Craigslist. I was hoping that someone would be willing to look at the truck for me, maybe take some pictures and give me an honest opinion of the truck. PM me if you can, and I'll give you the info I have.

I would appreciate any help, and would be willing to reimburse :)beer:) any help...

Thank you!
Good luck on your search for what I believe to be the best cruiser ever made...... If you haven't posted this in the Bay to Blue Ridge Cruiser forum, you might have better luck over there since they are more central and southern VA. If it were closer..... I'd check it out.
Thanks for the heads up, I'll post over there too!
Is it being sold by a Naval officer named Eric A?

If so, I know the truck well. I think that he is selling is and is stationed there right now and I think he is selling his truck now or soon.

PM me and I'll give you the scoop. It's a really nice truck if it's Eric's. EMU, new carb, etc.

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