*Want to help us show a fellow Mudder a Good Time 4/5?

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Aug 31, 2008
*Dave Gross/MTA Members...(Dave, I just left you a phone message...call me asap.)

*Want to help us show a Mudder a Good Time 4/5?
For those who havn't been following the 60 Series Forum..
(Actually counts towards the 79-95 Forum too since I'm taking my project Runner)

We're showing a IH8Mud visitor a good time this coming Sunday morning by taking him to a local restaurant for breakfast then out to Hollister to play around in his Fj-60!

re: https://forum.ih8mud.com/60-series-wagons/272562-alaska-trip-thread-here-goes-2.html

I would be honored if any available members would join in for the fun to represent the club and help me out with this. I know this is really short notice, and had I known the person visiting (Jared Gordon) was comfortable with this idea happening I would have whole heartedly extended the offer sooner. :D

So, let me know, I'll watch this thread for the next day or so, and will even cross post any pics I get. :clap::cheers:


FWIW: Channel 2 is MTA(?) and NorCalFj's will be on 31. We'll be on 2 for the drive down and either share 2 or 31 or use 7.
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