want to get a killer deal on rear bumper with swingout and ladder

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Apr 24, 2011
santa barbara
hey i have been researching my options and just found this guy at Not Found - Webs.com frees......says he can custom weld a rear bumper much like iron pigs, powder coated with swingout's jerry can, hi-lift mount, and tow rings for around $1000. i was thinking if we got a few cruisers in there at once he might be able to give a discount cuz it would be easier for him to do a few at once than one at a time...let me know....as i was stoked to hear of an option cheaper than arb or iron pig ...i thought you might be too. he is located off of the 118 freeway near moorpark
There is already a few options for rear bumpers with swingouts, I think anyone wanting to buy would want to see some pictures first to compare with the other vendors on this site before commiting, as per other threads similar to this one.
If your trying to do a group buy. Start a thread in the merchandise storefront section, not tech.

If you want to start a thread here reviewing the new bumper with pics, thats fine. Reference the link in classified to do any business

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