Wanted Want to Buy PTO shifter lever setup for 3 speed

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Apr 12, 2011
United States
I need the PTO shifter lever & bracket setup that attaches to side of 3 speed trany for 65/66 FJ45 LP. (I have connecting rod(s) to PTO gear box and gear box itself).
3 and 4 speed are the same except the rod that you already have.
3 and 4 speed are the same except the rod that you already have.

I am trying to restore 100% original and the pic of the pto shifter in my owners manual has a mushroom looking knob. And the parts diagram in SOR has the mushroom looking knob(s).
I would like to find the double shifter shown in SOR.
BTW, I do have the 4 sp shift lever setup that I can use until I find the original type. FJ45LWB is tagged a 66, but it has old bug catchers and WS vent along with a mid 65 vin #.
maybey im going to learn something here all the fj40s ive had back to 64 have had the same shift lever for the winch.but who knows maybey they were added later going to check sor for some new info thanks.
Not sure why you want the double shifter. The PTO only uses one. Thinking that double setup was for rear PTO use on fire trucks.

Your right the mushroom shape knob would be correct. This was also used on the transfer case shifter in the FJ25 a option floor shifter on teh early FJ40s. I have a 61 PTO that has that mushroom as well a in a FJ25. The thread pattern is the same as the later smaller knob.
of the 30+ pto winches ive had they all had the muscroom style knob,and single shifter.none to the rear though.
Thanks for the info, guys.
The SOR parts page does seem to show the double shifter in use with both the PTO winch and the rear PTO setup for the firetrucks.
I have both PTOs and was thinking about trying to hook up both, but dont want to cut the body for the rear pto.
To clarify, the PTO shifter that I have came from SOR almost 20 years ago with the NON USA FJ60 PTO winch setup.
The knob has "On" and "Off" printed on top, a button on top, and a safety button on front of the knob.
Does that shifter mount on a 3 sp?
Doesn't look like it to me.
Any possible sources of the original correct shifter appreciated.

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