Wanted Want To Buy 80 Series Take Off Springs Please:) (1 Viewer)

Jul 22, 2012
I need:

FRONT coils out of a FJ80 (94-97) Land Cruiser to fit the REAR of your 4Runner. There are 3 different trim models and 3 different heights:

4WD = 8 wrap = about 4.5"
4WD SE = 9 wrap = about 5.5"

One of the following two would be excellent. Ideally 8 wraps!

Please PM Me and we can work out a price. I am in Canada and will pay via paypal.



Wagon Wheeler!
Jan 29, 2003
MH, IDaho
You might want to get the color codes as it is easier to identify them by color codes than by wraps as counting the wraps has some variance to it.

I have some. But at this time I will not ship anything that heavy to Canada. All I have for heavy stuff is UPS and it ends up being a big hassle. USPS dropped their ground service so it would be really expensive to go through them.

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