For Sale [WA, near Seattle] OEM 11/85 FJ60 Smog Pump

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Dec 28, 2010
Vashon, WA, USA
United States

Before I did my desmog, it was pumping strong (everything tested as working as per the 2F Emissions Manual).

However: my old power steering pump had been leaking onto it, so I wouldn't trust it in the long term without a rebuild, or at least opening it up to check things out. It wasn't making any bad noises or anything, though. It's been kept in a dry shed since I uninstalled it this spring. It still spins nicely and puffs air.

If you need a good rebuildable core for a resmog, this would be perfect. If you just need a working pump in the short term, it would also be a good buy. If you need a certified good pump to pass a smog test, that you can just install and ignore for the next five years, maybe not.

I can include the mounting/adjusting brackets, too, if you want to pay for the extra weight in shipping (although I'm pretty sure I can fit all of it into a flat rate box). I also have the hose clamps (the hoses themselves were all in bad shape, and I had to cut some of them loose to get the pump out).

I'd like to get $60 plus shipping
(but feel free to make a reasonable offer). I'd also take a good quality snatch recovery strap or a radio with an mp3 input in trade.

If You're Local:
Shipping would still probably be cheaper; I'm on Vashon Island, and the ferry is about $20 (you pay to come over, but it's free to leave). Unless you have a car under 14', in which case it's like $16.

If you're not in a hurry (my schedule is kind of full between now and next weds), we could work out something involving me bringing the part across the ferry on foot (passenger tickets are only $5).
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