For Sale WA: 85 FJ60 Interior, Blue

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Feb 18, 2006
Interior in my new 60 is way too nice for what i have planned for it.
Blue and grey color scheme.
All prices are if you pick up. Shipping will be on your dime.

Cargo area carpet (no perfect, but very nice): $30

rear door interior panels: $25/e

set of rear seat belts: $10

Rear seat top: $30

Rear seat bottom: $30

Pictures to come if there's any interest.

Hey man, I'd love to come take a look this week. Send me a PM if you still have the stuff and maybe we can meet up. I live in Edmonds near Lake Ballinger.
Hey brother....see your still at it... do you have a good 2nd row carpet?
like these?

The rest of the carpet is staying put for now. Cargo area just didn't need to be so spiffy. The rest of the interior of this truck is 9/10. No cracks in the dash, recovered front seats with no tears. Too bad the body and frame are toast.





like these?

that will many pesos to SoCal 92102?

Still in the same place? Have seen a couple diesels go thru....did you keep any? Mine is still going strong....after a rebuild from a spun lower anyway...turbo added once I got down here...very happy with her

how about $10 plus shipping? pm me an address and I send one your way. no diesel at present. waiting until the 80 hits 200k and i have a few more bucks to do it right (turbo'd 1hz w an h55f, word.)
still nearby. moved a few blocks since you went south
door pilar

Do you have the door pilar plastic panals. The plastic cover that goes over seatbelt between driver and passenger doors. Need both left and right.
ivdusmc- $20 plus a ride? small hairline crack in the bottom of the driver's side cover. otherwise great shape. can't see the crack when installed.
Hi I would pay the seat prices top and bottom for the covers and some of the hardware off the seats. Also searching for the rear interior quarter trim pieces- the long piece just under the rear side windows-need both. To 94122.
Also are you selling the dash pad?
$25 for the cargo quarter panels, $60 for the seat covers. $30 to ship. What specific seat hardware do you need? So... $115 gets them to you. PM me your address.
Front, driver's side seat belt .... ?
Everything from the front seats forward stays for now. When the frame breaks I'll put them up for sale. Could be next week or 5 years... hard to say.
I am interested in the dash if it is available. So Cal 91773. Thanks.
Due to popular demand the dash is now for sale. Not perfect, but damn near. $275 shipped, $225 local pick-up.



I'm also open to selling the front seats. They have been repaired and are in nearly perfect condition (no tear on the driver's side). $100/e. Catch here is that you will need to bring some replacement seats for me to use. Could be 60 seats, 80 seats, saab 900 seats... something that will fit.

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