VVDI2 Full VS VVDI2 Full Authorization

Jul 13, 2018
VVD2 - There are several different versions here (VVDI2 BASIC Version,VVDI2 BASIC + VAG Version,VVDI2 BASIC + BMW Version,VVDI2 Full Version,VVDI2 Full Authorization Version),Send SN Number To US,Check Which Function Already Added.

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How to distinguish them?

Here we go!

VVDI2 BASIC VS VVDI2 Full VS VVDI2 Full Authorization:

VVDI2 BASIC VS VVDI2 Full VS VVDI2 Full Authorization | XhorseVVDI Official Blog

What's more?

If u Get VVDI2 Full Authorization Version,Which Cable U Also Need to Buy?

1.New XHORSE VVDI2 ID48 Chip Copy data collector

2.New CAS Plug for VVDI2 BMW Version or Full Version (Add Making Key For BMW EWS)

3.VAG OBD Helper for VW Audi Skoda 4th IMMO BCM2 Data Calculator Work with Xhorse VVDI2 Free with One Token
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