VSS buffer

Feb 19, 2002
San Diego
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Check out Jack Rice's Vortec conversion:
(It's also listed in the ih8mud Tech Section)

Vortec not equal to TBI. Also, I think he is talking about making a buffer for the Toyota speed sensor in the speedo and GM ECM, not an speedo cable installed VSS.

I tried to use my speed sendor in my FJ40 speedo and could never get a stable signal(optical vs magnetic) to the TPI ECM(similar to the TBI). I programmed a few PROMS trying to get it to work, but if it is not a magnetic pickup sensor, it does not play well with the ECM for some reason. You might have better luck with the TBI ECM('7747), and if you do post it up! Good info on the diy-efi.org site...

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