VSC OFF/VSC TRAC/CEL Lights On - Solved (1 Viewer)

Jul 5, 2014
TL;DR - Ordered a new gas cap and reset the codes. Been good to go for the last 3k+.

Saw that the VSC OFF, VSC TRAC and check engine lights were all lit up. Took it by my buddy's shop and he pulled P0442 (EVAP system small leak) and P0456 (EVAP system very small leak) codes then reset them. They came on the next day and after some Googling I decided I would try a new gas cap because it was by far the cheapest and easiest fix (we can all hope right?). When I unscrewed the gas cap I noticed it was pretty easy and the gasket looked like it was compressed with use so I ordered one up:

Gas cap part # 77300-33070
Amazon - $23.50

Slapped it on when it showed up and had my buddy reset the codes. Everything has been great for the last 3,000+ miles!

I'm sure there are more things these codes could represent but if you haven't replaced your gas cap I would try the $25 experiment before I started chasing everything else.

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