VSC light on dash from crooked steering wheel after driveway alignment - fixed & info (1 Viewer)


Sep 19, 2008
Central Texas
I put my OME upper arms on recently and did a driveway alignment to get it on the road and to the alignment shop. Knowing they'd sort it out, I wasn't too picky about steering wheel angle, and it ended up about 12 degrees CCW. I then drove the truck for a hundred miles or so before getting the alignment, without issue.

The shop put it on the rack and got it dialed in, but during the test drive the VSC light came on the dash, no other ABS/CEL/anything. Trying to disable the VSC did nothing. Cycle ignition, nothing. His code scanner said it was incompatible for some reason.. I verified he didn't damage any ABS wires or anything and said I'd take it home to figure it out. On the way home cruise control would not work, either manual or radar.

Upon connecting techstream in the ABS/VSC/TRAC module I had a C1230 "Abnormal Zero Point of Steering Angle Sensor" current and history (meaning stored in the past) code. On live data I could see steering angle change with steering input. I cleared this code, the light went away.

Digging around in other modules, in the ECU I also found P1578 "Brake system" code (current & history), and P1604 "stability malfunction" (history). I cleared these as well, and nothing came back.

I'm not sure precisely what happened but at this point my assumption is the steering angle sensor noticed the 12 degree wheel misalignment from my driveway work and noted it, then when it changed again the other way, this was enough to push it into an error state. I'm not sure if continuing to drive it would have reset things.. the vehicle was started 7 or 8 times in the error state but it didn't clear on its own. Either way it appears there is no actual damage, only a confused VSC module.

Hopefully this helps someone in the future.

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