Vovlo C303 Portal Axles For Sale

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Oct 2, 2003
United States
Volvo C303 Portal Axles for sale. Make me a reasonable offer.

The condition of the axle housing, bearing gears, and all main functions of the axle are in great condition. The axles will need brakes. The birfield boots are in good condition. Overall the axles are in great condition, I drained the fluids in one set and looked at the gears and bearings and I could tell they were very well upkept. I am asking $4000 for a pair, but make me an offer.

how much do you think it would cost to convert these to use on an fj80?
[quote author=91fj80 link=board=5;threadid=5895;start=msg54727#msg54727 date=1066977289]
how much do you think it would cost to convert these to use on an fj80?


Dude, that's what I'm doing this winter with mine. :flipoff2: Far as I know, no one has put them under an 80 yet. :eek: :flipoff2:
hehehee :D
Dosn't the thought just make you drool :p let me know how it go's if you do put some on. This is probably way over my head- & my overhead.... :( love the design though; I saw a write up on them a few months ago in a 4x4 magazine- said base price 1500$ea - not sure what that included. Would go great with the 6.5 turbo deisel I've been dreaming about.

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